Villa Saska

End client: Angorska 13A sp. z o.o. sp.k. Graphics: Space Solution Page template: Michael (Koala’s Digital) Publication:

Luxury apartments at Villa Saska (clients’ product) – The Angorska 13A investment combines the privilege of living in Saska Kępa in an intimate building with modernist architecture with the current premium standard. We expect this today from exceptional projects. The building has 5 residential floors and will house only 9 apartments. Underground parking will provide 16 parking spaces. All floors with an underground garage will be connected by a modern KONE elevator. Two apartments on each floor and a penthouse occupying the entire top floor is a guarantee of privacy and privacy. Apartments with a height of 3 meters guarantee a feeling of comfort. The open space gives the possibility of any interior arrangement. The light is introduced by glazing from the floor to a height of 2.6 m, framed in fittings and aluminum of the highest quality. All apartments have balconies. Terraces on floors 3 and 4 give their users the possibility of a unique view. Windows for terraces in a sliding system with electrical control (HMS). Saska Kępa is quietly located in the very heart of Warsaw, nestled to beautiful and neat Vistula boulevards. This unique area, which is so homogeneous, is less than a few minutes walk from the New World. Francuska Street, full of restaurants, cafes and small bistros, fills with residents on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, who are happy with their loved ones to enjoy this magical, peaceful and safe place.
Real estate sales and marketing (challenge) – Effective promotion of real estate offers is an issue that often bring sleeps problem at night. Especially in the era of rising costs of online advertising and intensifying competition. the effectiveness of the Real Estate Agent consists of several very important factors. Everything is based on work in a good team, managed by a proper captain, that is, management and managers. However, due to the fact that the real estate market is very demanding, a modern agent also needs additional support in terms of tools, effective promotion of offers and advertising. In the case of a good office, the marketing department comes in here…
… The power of efficient marketing provides agents with great support when working with the offer. He cares, among others for high positions of offers on advertising portals, raising their place on the lists in the search results. By supporting the work of an agent, marketing also uses other communication channels. These are, for example, social media, such as Facebook, whose possibilities of reaching the given target groups of clients are almost unlimited. Delivering interesting content to the blog, mailing to clients looking for real estate is also part of the work of marketing teams that care about the effectiveness of the agent’s work. In addition, this supported agent uses the banner advertising office on the Internet or outdoor advertising such as billboards. The marketing team supports agents in the preparation of increasingly popular Open Days in real estate. He also puts a lot of effort into the organization of stands during real estate fairs, where eventually the agent has the opportunity to establish new contacts with people interested in buying or selling real estate. Colorful advertising brochures with office proposals are then handed over to a large number of clients.

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Website with CMS template (solution) – Content Management System is a type of web application that allows you to easily create a website and later organize its content. Each system of this type works on the basis of databases.

You do not need to know HTML to use a website with CMS. Shaping the content and appearance of the website takes place from the level of the web browser in the so-called the administration panel whose operation is intuitive. Anyone who knows the username and password can easily log in and edit the content of the site. It is an extremely convenient solution that gives the user full control over the content and visual side of the website. An important advantage of CMS is the separation of information and graphic elements. Thanks to this, the website’s appearance can be changed at any time regardless of the content. If you change the graphic concept, the text will remain intact.

The use of CMS when creating a website is primarily aimed at easier management of the content of the site by users who are not familiar with the programming. In the administration panel, most changes can be made by clicking the mouse. However, if you’ve ever used a Word-based word processor, you will not find any way to update the content of your site. In the simplest terms, it can be said that the CMS is about making sure that every average computer user knows how to make updates on their website.

The CMS system can be easily expanded. There are thousands of different modules, plugins and components on the Internet. Their installation will enrich the site with additional functions. Each website can be customized to individual needs, improved and developed as new solutions appear. Some extensions can be downloaded online for free, while others have to pay a small fee.

Content management systems offer virtually unlimited possibilities. Based on this technology, a professional website for a company, an online store or a typical information site can be created. Depending on the client’s requirements, its cost may vary. The simplest sites of this type only allow you to edit texts and photos. However, the range of available options is extremely wide.

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